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Aldenhoven-Okolište-Dimini: settlement organisation and social perspectives of Neolithic societies.

Prof. Johannes Müller
Kiel University

Economic organisation and ideological preferences influence the social organisation of Neolithic societies. Within the process of Neolithic adaptations to regional environments, different solutions to prevailing demographic, functional and ecological conditions are found. A comparison between the spatial organisation of late Bandkeramik sites (Aldenhoven), Bosnian Butmir sites and Thessalian Dimini illustrates three different levels of spatial solutions to social organisation at the turning point shortly after 5000 cal BC.

Some information within this framework is given by the results of fieldwork undertaken in Bosnia since 2002. In a joint project with the National Museum of Sarajevo, geophysical surveys as well as small excavations took place at the tell Okolište and other settlement mounds of the Visoko basin. The Bosnian domestic mode of production contrasts with the situation to the northwest (Bandkeramik) and the southeast (Dimini). In this respect spatial organisation in the settlement, and of the cultural landscape, demonstrate different levels of neolithisation.

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