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New Perspectives on the Origins and Spread of Farming in Southwest Asia and Europe
15th – 17th December 2003

Twenty-two papers were given at this conference (the programme for the seminar can be downloaded here), including Sue Colledge's own introductory presentation about Project 17 and a brief summary of the researcher's analyses of the initial spread of the Neolithic ‘crop package' from southwest Asia.

The order of the papers was by geographic location of the country being discussed, beginning in the east with Gordon Hillman's account of pre-domestication cultivation at Tell Abu Hureyra in Syria and ending with Glynis Jones' presentation on Neolithic cereals in Britain, and in this way it was possible to ‘follow' the route of Neolithic agriculture as it spread through Europe. Finally, Andrew Sherratt gave a stimulating paper reviewing the origins of Neolithic agriculture to round off the presentations. We were able to give a demonstration of the database and provide access to computers for our guests to view and compose their own queries on the data.

The papers will be published by UCL Press in a volume dedicated to Gordon Hillman. The publication will be anounced on this website.

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